17 January 2009

A little background

I've fantasized about chastity in some form or another ever since I read a story online when I was probably 15 or 16. It was structured as an ad for a fake company that sold chastity devices that were basically hard, locking jockstraps (another object of many fantasies of mine, especially at that point).

From there, I read more stories, and discovered this concept existed in a number of real, actual products. Many pictures, fiction, message boards, reviews, people's experiences, I was convinced that I would grow up and use chastity to keep a guy (or guys) in service and submission to me. Well, it took several years (around 10) for things to really "pick up" again when I finally bought my first chastity belt last year, a CB-6000.

Still convinced the device would come in handy I started lining up an interested party or two but decided to try the device out myself and get a feel for it and some idea of what I was about to put guys through. And a funny thing happened...

I loved it!

It hurt a little, sometimes a lot, I couldn't get off, and I loved it.

Before I'd get on gearfetish.com every night (yes, every night) and open only hot photos and jack off into/onto a sock or sneaker nearby and close the website practically the moment the cum landed. Suddenly I was reading profiles, picturing people in my head instead of just clicking through pictures faster than I jacked my cock I was engaged, connecting, and interacting with people and finding a lot with common interests. I was still aroused, still as "hard" as the CB allowed, but it was more of a full-body arousal and it could last for hours and hours.

It did last for hours and hours, night after night. My profile views went through the roof. I took time to take and post pictures myself to share. I probably sent and received more messages on that site in that first month I had my CB than in all the rest of the time I'd had a profile there. I wore the CB off and on, but I started to notice that even when it was off and my cock sprang free (literally, of course) that I gradually spent more and more attention on the people and the community than on jacking off myself.

So, I had discovered a submissive side that I hadn't previously known nor wanted to admit was there. What happened next was very much a time of exploration, but that will have be told another time.

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