27 January 2009

Still Locked

I've started to get a lot of comments pointing out there haven't been updates in a while. That's mainly because I don't have much to update you all on, lol. But it is great to have heard from so many guys -- mostly on gearfetish.com -- that you're not only reading, but that you want more! ;)

I didn't really have a lot of time for any kinky anything this past weekend and neither did M. I had a bunch of Sundance screenings while he had activities of his own. As I said, things were pretty uneventful, especially as far as chastity goes.

I'm still horny all the time and getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to get off -- especially when I have hot guys teasing me and bragging about their unlocked cocks at their disposal -- but it's the same sentiment as I've expresses before and I don't want to bore anyone with daily "still locked" and "still horny" posts.

So, I'll try to post when I have something hot going on, and I'll try harder to have more kinky stories lined up to share. I did have a couple of interesting chats tonight that I'll be posting some thoughts about a little later. Also, M was supposed to come over tonight to trade some shoes and to play with a pair of Fox MX gloves I got recently (since I won't be using to play with my cock for a few more weeks!) We're going to try again Tuesday night. For now, though, it's off to bed.

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