10 February 2009

Taking orders

I've had quite a few guys giving orders the last few days... Sure is different ;)

sparkysub is still keeping me honest and horny. He's been kind to provide a few pics, and some HOT videos! First, he sent this nice video (and wisely advised muting the volume to avoid hearing some woman moan): skater sneak cum. Then, he told me to watch this video which he got off to: sneaker service. So fucking hot! All this led me to a bunch of tom42 and ITSALLGOOD5's other videos which I also recommend highly.

And, of course, next he demanded proof that I was still locked in the CB to be verified by his name, the date, and the words: popcorn, pencil, and bandanna (which I never knew could be spelled with two 'n's -- the things one learns when his cock is locked away, lol).

The particularly astute will notice Nike basketball shorts and socks, Shox, and leg cuffs. These are not by accident ;) I'll be posting about it soon...

Pupslace wanted proof, too. His instructions were a little more detailed which made them a little more tricky, but I was happy to make it happen. I was to grab my locked cock wearing my Fox MX gloves and have the date written on a card and sticking out of a pair of size 13 sneaks I'd like to see him in sometime. Took a couple pictures to make sure all the elements were clear, but it worked out in the end ;)

Keep it coming guys. If you haven't written yet, I'm happy to hear comments here or you can send me a message on gearfetish (buysc). And watch for a post about the "sleep uniform" I've been assigned the last few nights ;)

08 February 2009


sparkysub on gearfetish demanded I prove the plastic lock was still in place today by having me write his name, today's date, and the words: hockey, bread, and phone.

Anyone else who wants to make me prove it, go ahead and leave a comment here or send me a message on gearfetish.

05 February 2009


Okay guys -- it's just you and me until the 20th...

Time to turn me on, and make me prove it's still on each day ;)

02 February 2009

Bad news

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