27 January 2009

New Toys

M stopped by tonight oh-so-briefly after class to drop off a pair of sneaks I bought from him. Nike Shox CLs -- I've always wanted a pair and he wasn't as into them as he thought he'd be when he got 'em a few months ago used on eBay. Of course, he's been wearing them to the gym practically the whole time he's had them, and even sent a helpful pic the other night when he knew I was hard in the CB trying to get soft to go to bed. He just had to show off how hot they are, and turn my on by showing me he was wearing a pair of Puma socks he borrowed from me for his workout:

I really wish he could've stayed longer tonight... We had just a minute to play with my newest toys, though. Master Lock cuffs! I saw a guy on gearfetish.com with a pic of a Master Lock Quantum Cuff locked around his ankle (while wearing military boots, to make it even hotter!) I wanted to jack off to the pic so bad!!!

But, alas, locked cock... So, I ordered a pair for myself, as well as two models of the so-called Street Cuffs. They are AMAZINGLY restrictive and intimidating! Pretty heavy, too: 2.6lbs each pair. They're pretty tight around the ankle... Of course, I had to try them all on:

Still Locked

I've started to get a lot of comments pointing out there haven't been updates in a while. That's mainly because I don't have much to update you all on, lol. But it is great to have heard from so many guys -- mostly on gearfetish.com -- that you're not only reading, but that you want more! ;)

I didn't really have a lot of time for any kinky anything this past weekend and neither did M. I had a bunch of Sundance screenings while he had activities of his own. As I said, things were pretty uneventful, especially as far as chastity goes.

I'm still horny all the time and getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to get off -- especially when I have hot guys teasing me and bragging about their unlocked cocks at their disposal -- but it's the same sentiment as I've expresses before and I don't want to bore anyone with daily "still locked" and "still horny" posts.

So, I'll try to post when I have something hot going on, and I'll try harder to have more kinky stories lined up to share. I did have a couple of interesting chats tonight that I'll be posting some thoughts about a little later. Also, M was supposed to come over tonight to trade some shoes and to play with a pair of Fox MX gloves I got recently (since I won't be using to play with my cock for a few more weeks!) We're going to try again Tuesday night. For now, though, it's off to bed.

20 January 2009


Practically as soon as he drove away, M was already arranging our next visit so he could swap out my lock for a lock he knew I didn't have a key to. It occurred to him that he had no guarantees about there being only one lock other than my word (there really was only the one key -- CB-6000s are only sent with one) so he demanded extra security in the form of his own lock. Again, understandable as I would've done the same thing, lol.

So, he was able to come back shortly later, remove the lock, and click his own in place (that's a lot that I'd heard the *click* in such a short time). My heart sank again. It was just as real as before, but he had Dominated me, literally, in just the way he should. I wanted to jack off to that moment itself!

Of course, since he was back already anyway, he took some time to taunt me a little more, and play with my locked cock with his DVS Legion that I had been borrowing (and he took back tonight):

And then it was off to a Sundance screening of I Love You Phillip Morris for me. Of course M went home and jacked off onto the Legions he had just reclaimed:

Another hot day that I couldn't have even imagined one month ago. I wonder what the unimaginable one month from now will be like...

I knew it

M arrived, came in, asked for the key, asked to see it, made sure it was the right key (unlocked, relocked), and then...

So, a month from today? February 20th.

I knew it! I somehow knew that he would count from today only. Mainly because that is exactly what I would do in this situation. I knew everything he was going to say as he said it, "It didn't really count if you had the key," "How do I know you didn't cheat," etc.

So, here begins my first month (+week) in chastity.

This is it

M is on his way right now to take the key. In a few minutes I'll really be locked.

19 January 2009

Not helping

So, this morning I was texting M. He was up 'cause he always always up crazy early. I was up because my balls were killing me in The Curve, more so than I've had in my CB-6000, at least in a while. We chatted for a while about this or that, I sent him some hot pics I had found online the night before, and I finally worked through things and had been up and around enough that I was ready to try to get back to bed and squeeze in a few more hours of sleep...

"I'm wearing leg cuffs and my leather ball stretcher right now."
(Instantly HARD!) "You meant to get me hard again, huh?"
"Yeah. But seriously I'm wearing those right now. I'm going to go jack off into a hot pair of shoes."

Of course if telling me wasn't enough, he sent a helpful picture:

And some minutes later:

He proceeded to share with me what he did with the cum ("smeared it on") and we talked some about how hot and horny it had made me and how I had enjoyed imagining each and every stroke, and the escalating breathing. Eventually, M felt it was a good time to say, "Yeah, but then in the end you didn't get off." It was like a timer had been reset and any chance I had of getting soft had been pushed back, yet again. That was my first of those teasing moments all these guys online who are in chastity talk about. He was taunting me and enjoying it.

More shocking, at least to me, I was enjoying it! It was in many ways the stuff of fantasy, but for the first time for me it was actually happening. For a moment I felt glad that he was one of very few people in my life who knew about it and would be able to taunt me. Then in the next moment, I kind of wished more people would know. At least more people who would know the right way flaunt their sexual freedom. This was the perfect example of that.

It left me feeling very excited for the rest of the month, and I never did quite make it back to sleep.

Meeting an old friend

The Curve

So a friend of mine -- let's call him B -- has a Curve that I've always wanted to try. I have a CB-6000 he's always wanted to try. So, we finally were able to arrange a trade for the weekend. It being a long weekend helped, too ;)

I do have to say that in a lot of ways The Curve's cage can be a lot of fun. The first day there was still enough lube from putting it on the night before that my cock would slowly slide to the bottom of the cage, getting more stimulation on its way from the bigger and many more vents. Once hard, it would just kind of pulsate and feel tightly squeezed, similar to the 6000. But unlike I'd experienced before, as things calmed down and my cock started to get soft, sliding up the cage -- ever so slightly and slowly -- was enough of that same stimulation in reverse to start the whole process over again. I seriously probably had an on-again off-again erection for the first four hours I was awake on that first day.

It was certainly fun to try The Curve and be back in that "experimentation" phase like I had when I first got my CB-6000 -- I tried it with different rings, with the KSD-G2 and without. I took some encouragement from the fact that I didn't once even try to jack off or play with myself. I did get hard between devices a time or two, but unlike before (where I'd justify playing with myself for a moment without cumming -- usually moments before a gigantic explosion) I just took one off, put the next on. Almost unceremoniously, but in a way with more respect and formality than ever before.

In the end, though, the fit was never quite right and the weekend passed. This afternoon we switched back and I took a moment to thoroughly clean myself having been in one chastity device or another for an entire week (first week down!) and locked myself back in the trusty old CB-6000. When B goes for a while without wearing his Curve then puts it on again he likes to say it's like running into an old friend. And that was what it felt like today as I slipped back into my CB-6000. *click*

17 January 2009

A little background

I've fantasized about chastity in some form or another ever since I read a story online when I was probably 15 or 16. It was structured as an ad for a fake company that sold chastity devices that were basically hard, locking jockstraps (another object of many fantasies of mine, especially at that point).

From there, I read more stories, and discovered this concept existed in a number of real, actual products. Many pictures, fiction, message boards, reviews, people's experiences, I was convinced that I would grow up and use chastity to keep a guy (or guys) in service and submission to me. Well, it took several years (around 10) for things to really "pick up" again when I finally bought my first chastity belt last year, a CB-6000.

Still convinced the device would come in handy I started lining up an interested party or two but decided to try the device out myself and get a feel for it and some idea of what I was about to put guys through. And a funny thing happened...

I loved it!

It hurt a little, sometimes a lot, I couldn't get off, and I loved it.

Before I'd get on gearfetish.com every night (yes, every night) and open only hot photos and jack off into/onto a sock or sneaker nearby and close the website practically the moment the cum landed. Suddenly I was reading profiles, picturing people in my head instead of just clicking through pictures faster than I jacked my cock I was engaged, connecting, and interacting with people and finding a lot with common interests. I was still aroused, still as "hard" as the CB allowed, but it was more of a full-body arousal and it could last for hours and hours.

It did last for hours and hours, night after night. My profile views went through the roof. I took time to take and post pictures myself to share. I probably sent and received more messages on that site in that first month I had my CB than in all the rest of the time I'd had a profile there. I wore the CB off and on, but I started to notice that even when it was off and my cock sprang free (literally, of course) that I gradually spent more and more attention on the people and the community than on jacking off myself.

So, I had discovered a submissive side that I hadn't previously known nor wanted to admit was there. What happened next was very much a time of exploration, but that will have be told another time.

Here we go

So, the other day I was texting a friend ("M" on this blog) about having locked myself in chastity on Monday (and sending him pics of my locked cock with a pair of hot skater shoes I'm borrowing from him) and he suggested (ordered?), "You should stay locked for a month." After I wrote him back I got a message that I should've seen coming, "Oh good. I'll come get the key."


Well, my initial reaction was a mixture of fear, excitement, anxiety, horniness, nervousness, general arousal, did I mention fear and excitement? A few hours later, after talking with M about it some more and working out some details I was still feeling all those things, but the balance of power had shifted to the excitement side and a surprising comfort about the whole situation emerged.

So, here we go

I'll be posting about the experience, and others, and observations about chastity and kink in general and I hope someone will end up reading and enjoying this.