29 September 2011

It's like a trick I do ;)

Chatting with a local (would-be-first-time-)keyholder today who has been trying to get me locked (I already am, he's just trying to get next in line, I think) I was asking about his motivation. He said,

"I want to lock you up, boy. I like the power."

Perfectly valid and I'm sure honest answer, but that's not doing anything for me. I want a keyholder who says something so inspiring that it makes me want to take the afternoon off work and report for him to changeover to his lock immediately.

And so, I ended up describing why I'm into chastity in a more prefect way than I ever have before:

"Think of it like I'm a pup, and chastity is a trick I do. Then you can try to dangle something in front of me to get me to do my trick. Sure, you issue a command. Sometimes that's enough. But you can come up with a way to seal the deal if you put a little more into it. And then when it's all over and I've done my time, I get a 'Good pup!' to know you're pleased :)"

1 comment:

  1. Seems an apt description. I wonder how well it would be extended by the offer of a nice bone if you were a good pup and did your trick well.