19 January 2009

The Curve

So a friend of mine -- let's call him B -- has a Curve that I've always wanted to try. I have a CB-6000 he's always wanted to try. So, we finally were able to arrange a trade for the weekend. It being a long weekend helped, too ;)

I do have to say that in a lot of ways The Curve's cage can be a lot of fun. The first day there was still enough lube from putting it on the night before that my cock would slowly slide to the bottom of the cage, getting more stimulation on its way from the bigger and many more vents. Once hard, it would just kind of pulsate and feel tightly squeezed, similar to the 6000. But unlike I'd experienced before, as things calmed down and my cock started to get soft, sliding up the cage -- ever so slightly and slowly -- was enough of that same stimulation in reverse to start the whole process over again. I seriously probably had an on-again off-again erection for the first four hours I was awake on that first day.

It was certainly fun to try The Curve and be back in that "experimentation" phase like I had when I first got my CB-6000 -- I tried it with different rings, with the KSD-G2 and without. I took some encouragement from the fact that I didn't once even try to jack off or play with myself. I did get hard between devices a time or two, but unlike before (where I'd justify playing with myself for a moment without cumming -- usually moments before a gigantic explosion) I just took one off, put the next on. Almost unceremoniously, but in a way with more respect and formality than ever before.

In the end, though, the fit was never quite right and the weekend passed. This afternoon we switched back and I took a moment to thoroughly clean myself having been in one chastity device or another for an entire week (first week down!) and locked myself back in the trusty old CB-6000. When B goes for a while without wearing his Curve then puts it on again he likes to say it's like running into an old friend. And that was what it felt like today as I slipped back into my CB-6000. *click*

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