17 January 2009

Here we go

So, the other day I was texting a friend ("M" on this blog) about having locked myself in chastity on Monday (and sending him pics of my locked cock with a pair of hot skater shoes I'm borrowing from him) and he suggested (ordered?), "You should stay locked for a month." After I wrote him back I got a message that I should've seen coming, "Oh good. I'll come get the key."


Well, my initial reaction was a mixture of fear, excitement, anxiety, horniness, nervousness, general arousal, did I mention fear and excitement? A few hours later, after talking with M about it some more and working out some details I was still feeling all those things, but the balance of power had shifted to the excitement side and a surprising comfort about the whole situation emerged.

So, here we go

I'll be posting about the experience, and others, and observations about chastity and kink in general and I hope someone will end up reading and enjoying this.

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