19 January 2009

Not helping

So, this morning I was texting M. He was up 'cause he always always up crazy early. I was up because my balls were killing me in The Curve, more so than I've had in my CB-6000, at least in a while. We chatted for a while about this or that, I sent him some hot pics I had found online the night before, and I finally worked through things and had been up and around enough that I was ready to try to get back to bed and squeeze in a few more hours of sleep...

"I'm wearing leg cuffs and my leather ball stretcher right now."
(Instantly HARD!) "You meant to get me hard again, huh?"
"Yeah. But seriously I'm wearing those right now. I'm going to go jack off into a hot pair of shoes."

Of course if telling me wasn't enough, he sent a helpful picture:

And some minutes later:

He proceeded to share with me what he did with the cum ("smeared it on") and we talked some about how hot and horny it had made me and how I had enjoyed imagining each and every stroke, and the escalating breathing. Eventually, M felt it was a good time to say, "Yeah, but then in the end you didn't get off." It was like a timer had been reset and any chance I had of getting soft had been pushed back, yet again. That was my first of those teasing moments all these guys online who are in chastity talk about. He was taunting me and enjoying it.

More shocking, at least to me, I was enjoying it! It was in many ways the stuff of fantasy, but for the first time for me it was actually happening. For a moment I felt glad that he was one of very few people in my life who knew about it and would be able to taunt me. Then in the next moment, I kind of wished more people would know. At least more people who would know the right way flaunt their sexual freedom. This was the perfect example of that.

It left me feeling very excited for the rest of the month, and I never did quite make it back to sleep.

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