20 January 2009


Practically as soon as he drove away, M was already arranging our next visit so he could swap out my lock for a lock he knew I didn't have a key to. It occurred to him that he had no guarantees about there being only one lock other than my word (there really was only the one key -- CB-6000s are only sent with one) so he demanded extra security in the form of his own lock. Again, understandable as I would've done the same thing, lol.

So, he was able to come back shortly later, remove the lock, and click his own in place (that's a lot that I'd heard the *click* in such a short time). My heart sank again. It was just as real as before, but he had Dominated me, literally, in just the way he should. I wanted to jack off to that moment itself!

Of course, since he was back already anyway, he took some time to taunt me a little more, and play with my locked cock with his DVS Legion that I had been borrowing (and he took back tonight):

And then it was off to a Sundance screening of I Love You Phillip Morris for me. Of course M went home and jacked off onto the Legions he had just reclaimed:

Another hot day that I couldn't have even imagined one month ago. I wonder what the unimaginable one month from now will be like...

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