27 January 2009

New Toys

M stopped by tonight oh-so-briefly after class to drop off a pair of sneaks I bought from him. Nike Shox CLs -- I've always wanted a pair and he wasn't as into them as he thought he'd be when he got 'em a few months ago used on eBay. Of course, he's been wearing them to the gym practically the whole time he's had them, and even sent a helpful pic the other night when he knew I was hard in the CB trying to get soft to go to bed. He just had to show off how hot they are, and turn my on by showing me he was wearing a pair of Puma socks he borrowed from me for his workout:

I really wish he could've stayed longer tonight... We had just a minute to play with my newest toys, though. Master Lock cuffs! I saw a guy on gearfetish.com with a pic of a Master Lock Quantum Cuff locked around his ankle (while wearing military boots, to make it even hotter!) I wanted to jack off to the pic so bad!!!

But, alas, locked cock... So, I ordered a pair for myself, as well as two models of the so-called Street Cuffs. They are AMAZINGLY restrictive and intimidating! Pretty heavy, too: 2.6lbs each pair. They're pretty tight around the ankle... Of course, I had to try them all on:


  1. Nice Shox. Good to see that M is keeping you horny :-)

  2. Like the cuffs, but the bike lock looking thing could be fun locking someone to something, keeping them near by :)